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We desire to see aspiring musicians become succssful in reaching and fulfilling their musical dreams and ultimately make their communities and the world a better place to live by sharing their gift of music in a positive and uplifiting manner.

Forever learning, sharing and enriching the lives of others.

The mission of Allegro Music Academy is to provide excellent, affordable, and innovative music instruction. At Allegro we:
- Provide Music lessons for all ages
- Expose students to various genres of music
- Value diversity - Prommote positive musical liinfluence - Promote lifelong learning - Support professional musician development
We are committed to providing a superior Music Education Program and to ensuring that our students receive the best educational advantage. We use music technology to enhance the educational environment. This technology includes rich media, animation, and videos that bring to life what is actually being taught in class.
- Respect
- Integrity
- Service
- Perseverance
- Diversity
- Teamwork
- Excellence
- Constant and never-ending improvement
- Innovation
Allegro Music Academy seeks to become a preferred music center for instruction and guidance to all individuals who desire the realization of their dream of engaging society in the aspect of music.