Allegro Music Academy does not require parents to sign a contract. Lessons may be discontinued at any time. However, we strongly recommend that parents and students make a commitment for the entire teaching year (August - May). This teaches students ow to make a long term commitment and follow through with it. Further, it takes time to see real progress in learning music as with any new language.

Message to Parents

The par/guardian plays a very iimportant role in the music lesson The parent/guradian should seet a consistent daily practice time for the student. Practice is mandatory Please check the student's practice record weekly, initial, and return to us. Students will have all weekly assignments in their notebook. Please check to see if the student is compleeting assignments.

Parents are invited to observe their student's lesson once per semester. You may drop off your student or wait in the waiting area. STudents will wait inside the facility until a parent arrives to pick them up. STudents arriving early should wait in the waiting area or they may be assigned to a computer for reinforcement work.